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With our teaching method, we will guide you through in details so you will be able to pass the theory test and also the practical driving test quickly. This will make your process go fast the teaching quickly and get your driver's license fast. We have gathered more information about taking a driver's license with us and what requirements are placed under the Driver's License.

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Driving license

When you take your driving license with GoFlex Trafik, you can be assured of the highest quality education. Our teaching is divided between theory lessons and practical driving lessons.

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Become a driving teacher

We offer you the whole course in best facilities with easy teaching.

Many years experience and high passing rate.

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If you come from another country and now Denmark is your new home, you must change your old driving license to a Danish one. We can help you.

Come to a free introduction class!

You don´t need to pay or sign up until you have tried what we offer. We have free introductory classes twice a week, which is happening every monday and thursday 4pm

Contact us for further information on Tel: 91 491 491 or send a text if the number is busy.

You can find us at Frederiskberg

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