FULL ENGLISH COURSES - EXPRESS PROGRAMS - FREE INTRODUCTORY CLASSES TWICE A WEEK, mondays and thursdays 4.00pm no need for appointment

We are a driving school located on Frederiksberg near the Zoo in Copenhagen area. We help our students to get their drivers license in both manual or automatic car (Tesla) If you are new in Denmark, we can help you exchange your license to a Danish one.

We also help people who are interested in becoming a driving teacher in Denmark


You can get started right away, we have courses starting every week and free introductory classes twice a week. We have a personalized teaching for your specific needs and pace.

standard or automatic

You can choose between manual (stick shift) or automatic transmission. We are one of the few schools in Denmark that have this option.

Pay online

Skip the queue and pay online. You can also have the possibility to pay in installments.

Become a driving teacher

We have the best facilities and an easy learning process. We have many years of experience and high rating in what we do.


When you learn to drive with us you can forget about parking and rear vision as our cars have parking sensor and rear camera that will make your entire course easier.


Exchange to Danish driving license. Automatic car!


Regulatory package!


Retake drivers license (Kørselsforbud)

What our customers say

The safest, the fastest and the best way to get your license! After many attempts (in another EU country) of driving license exams, I ended up signing up to this driving school. From the first day of theory class and until the final day of exam, I knew I made the right choice! Shawn makes you feel confident and gives you all the tools you need to succeed. He is a very competent, passionate, flexible and patient instructor. Just go with your eyes closed and choose Goflex Trafik if you want your license
Diane J Lee
A true partner to reach your driving GOAL Goflex Trafik (Shawn, Sam and team) is one of the key reasons why I could Pass both my Theory and Practical Driving exam in my first attempt. I joined the school back in August 2021 based on the positive reviews I came across in internet and with no doubt these reviews are true. Shawn's theory classes are very informative, provokes one's desire to learn and work hard, and at the same time the classes are fun. Sam's practical classes (for manual gear) was very professional. I had zero driving experience when I started, however, with Sam's expert coaching style, patience and an eye for settingup the bar higher I was able to gain my confidence in a short period and take my exam. Besides, he has abundant experience in coaching from an Examiner's perspective and Good reputation, which are added advantages to us as students. Follow Shawn and Sam's plan and you have a very high likelyhood to pass your exams in the first attempt. Last but not the least, I did not face any hickups with the paper works the entire process from the start to the end was smooth. I am very delighted with your service Goflex Trafik. Go go ... keep rocking!
Pradeep Kumar Kamalasekaran
The cars used by the school are Mercedes-Benz. They have smart features to assist driver on the road so that driver can focus on what is happening on the road and let the system take care of the "small stuff" like window wiper, lighting, rear camera with virtual alignment system assisting different kinds of parking. Also, the cars will restart the engine automatically when there is "panic" moment with the clutch. No need to worried about restarting it manually in the middle of a traffic junction. The school provide good and unlimited lessons in English for the theory test. Price list is clear and no "fishy" extra fee.
Tang Tsz Lok Keith
This is by far THE BEST driving school… This is by far THE BEST driving school ever! I had the best experience at both the theory lessons with Shawn and the driving lessons with Sam. They are both extremely professional and also very nice people. The theory lessons were always super fun, which makes the learning more enjoyable. Sam is the most pleasant, patient, and kind teacher. I highly recommend Goflex Trafik as a place made by great and professional people, who are really ALWAYS there to assist you and lead you to pass successfully your theory and driving tests. Had I not had my driving license now, I would go there again 🙂 You GoFlex Trafik people, no need to google more places.

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