GoFlex Trafik

License revoked

kr. 5,090.00

If you have been banned from driving, you must go through this package, which contains the minimum mandatory requirements for driving lessons.

  • Booking gebyr 150kr
  • Unlimited theory including materials
  • Fee to the authorities 1170kr
  • Ubegrænset evaluerende teoriprøver
  • 8 practical driving lessons
  • Praktisk prøve honorar 1200kr


Terms and conditions: Cancellation of the maneuvering track or slippery track must be made at least 6 days in advance due to an agreed agreement, otherwise non-appearance will result in extra costs of DKK 2590. Cancellation of practical lessons must be made at least 2 days before 12.00 The package cannot be refunded. Theory lessons only DKK 2590. Extra online theory access DKK 500. Cancellations or changes to the first aid course must be made at least 7 days before. English theory book DKK 395 (physical book)
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